Marselle’s music is a synthesis of influences which includes jazz, modern classical, hip hop, and experimental rock music.

Born and raised in South Florida, they came of age in a unique cultural and musical melting pot. As a preteen in the late 90s they started experimenting with MIDI and delving deep into jazz fusion and experimental music. They quickly gained a love and affinity for composition, arranging, transcription, and music theory. Hard work and passion led them to acceptance to the composition studio at Florida State University in the mid-2000s.

In parallel with the growth as a musician was also the steady growth culturally, philosophically, and politically. Marselle believes these factors all interact and they hope to bring them alive in the musical output. Colorful harmonies, plaintive melodies, jagged rhythms, and unique use of sampling are used to paint a picture of the world as Marselle sees it.

Marselle currently lives in Durham, NC.